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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cherry Blossoms and Cattle Rustlin' ;)

Yes, the first cherry blossoms have popped open on my tree ~ so exciting, even though a bit drippy in the rain. Nevertheless, it is a harbinger of springy things to come!

Also, when I was weeding the rose garden (see, I've been busy), I noticed birds going in and out of the birdhouse on top of the washing line pole. That was particularly exciting, although they were flitting around so much it was hard to get a photograph.


A week or so ago, I took off again down island and returned via a newly paved loop which I had never been on before ~ an adventure. I've combined two maps to show where the loop is at the southern part of the island (red route).


There was even some snow left along the edges ...


Today, I had plans to plant some pansies in order to brighten up the window boxes, however, instead, I went off on a tangent. By the way, if ever I had a horse, Tangent would be its name. I digress...the real reason I didn't get anything I had planned done today was because of the Cattle Rustlin' I was involved in last night. Now you might think that is plumb loco, but if you really knew me, you would understand that sometimes a creative thought becomes impossible to ignore.

A male friend who lives on a farm turned 65 yesterday. A few days ago, an idea started perking in my head ~ about cattle rustling and cowpokes. Before long, I had printed off 65 cows, and skewered them with kebab sticks (hence, cowpokes). I needed an accomplice who is of a similar ilk, so I phoned a friend,

"Howdy Pardner," I twanged. "Interested in a little Cattle Rustlin'?"

"Sure thing," she drawled..."Count me in!" 

We donned cattle rustlin' gear, making sure that our bandannas were firmly tied in place so that only our eyes were peering out, and off we went, listening to the following song, Cowpoke, which I had burned to a CD.

With much merriment, but discreetly, we scouted around to make sure no one was home. We hoped he and his wife would be out for a birthday dinner. Luck was with us! Gathering the rustling paper cowpokes, we quickly snuck around,  sticking those cowpokes all over the front lawn ... and then made a hasty getaway.

Here's a slideshow ~ imagine 'Cowpoke' playing in the background.
My sidekick ~

Today, I had a brilliant idea (ahem) to put the photos together with some music on Powerpoint. Well, let's put it this way...the hours passed on by, the pansies panted patiently and finally, I reached my Powepoint goal ~ it was no easy task, without going into all the details. My plan is to copy some CD's of it and send it to the people involved ... The Wanted Poster in particular ;)  You see, even though I set it up, I'm nowhere in the picture...haha.  Oh...back to reality ...

Meanwhile, down at the beach, the birds are still enjoying the herring spawning season ~


So there you have it ~ numerous reasons why time gallops by ~ while my poor blog (and pansies) get left in the dust.

Yippee-i-yay :)


  1. I always look forward to reading your posts and as ever this one proved to be most entertaining!
    Your cattle rustlin' escapade had me laughing out loud!
    It sure sounds like you're keeping busy, and happy with it. Flighty xx

  2. Thanks Flighty ~ I'm always happy to bring a smile, and a 'laugh out loud' is even better! Hopefully the fellow involved hasn't gone off on a holiday and will find cattle flung all over the place when he returns ... because I haven't 'herd' a word back. I better keep a lookout around here!

  3. I love hearing about your creativity! And that was one fun birthday celebration :-) Glad, too, to hear that spring is springing all around you and that you're taking advantage of your retirement to go on as many tangents as you like.

  4. Thanks Nikki ~ I'm glad you enjoyed the fun ~ I have managed to get a couple of days gardening in, between the showers, so that helps spring along. Whenever anyone asks what I've been up to since retirement, "Going off on tangents..." seems to be a good reply ;)

  5. Your releasing yourself to tangents reminds me of my mom's recent decision to give herself permission to throw out non sequiturs whenever the heck she feels like it. "At my age," she says, "if I don't say it when I think of it, I'll never remember afterwards."

  6. LOL Nikki ~ Your mother has a great attitude! Good thinking on her part.