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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I woke up this first day of 2009, looked out of the window, and said..."You've got to be kidding!" because it was.............................. snowing!

I quickly turned on the weather channel and realized there was another weather alert! I felt like crawling back under the covers, but I was invited to an annual January 1 lunch. I phoned another couple who where going, and they said they'd be happy to pick me up in their 4 wheel drive which they did. Yay! So I had a lovely luncheon, getting together with a group of people (like a second family) who I hadn't seen for awhile ~ ranging in age from 3 to 87!

The storm didn't amount to much and the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow. Did everyone hear me? Sun!!! However, I have to go into work tomorrow because it's my last chance to get the office in tip top shape, unless I want to spend the weekend in there. No thank you :)

I spotted a little bird outside on my deck during the ongoing snowstorms ~ and I think I know exactly how he felt ;)


As Flighty informed us, Plot 124 enjoyed a Hoppy New Year, too, but while London was sleeping, this is how it actually happened ~


One never knows what goes on at the allotment plot when no one is there!

Here's to a splendid 2009!


  1. A wonderful post! I'm glad to see that you enjoyed your lunch.
    I love that little bird photo and poem.
    Thanks for the linked mention and the image, which will be used in the next Frog ponderings entry!
    Happy New Year! xx

  2. Thanks Flighty :) Yes it was a great lunch with good company and yummy food.

    Glad you like the bird photo and poem ~ The bird was so cute seemingly hiding in there!

    I had fun with Fox, Frog and Bird and their Ha/oppy New Year animation ~ good fun!

  3. Glo, I loved the little bird's poem!! We here had a glorious New Year's day with bright sunshine for the rose parade. But then the skies clouded over the next day,aking work a damp garden workday. No snow in sight for us!

  4. Huh, they partied without Flighty! xx