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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Just checking in to say I have been so busy during the last two weeks since starting my new job. It is going well, but by the end of the day, I've had enough of computers and haven't felt like blogging at all!

As the duties in the job become more familiar, I may feel more like getting back into blogworld!

The weather has been cold and foggy, with the odd beautiful morning like the photo in my header that I took yesterday from the parking lot as I arrived at school. We are promised some sunshine during the next few days which will be a pleasant change. The snow has gone except for a few icy lumps left from piles made when clearing. I'll have to look around the garden this weekend and see what all the snow has done to the plants. I have noticed some broken branches on the mock orange bush and the the large hydrangea seems to have been totally flattened. I have seen little signs of spring here and there, which is reassuring!


  1. Another glorious day for you I see. Understand about your being submerged now that I am back in school myself. Hard to find time to blog. Yes, it is heartening to see signs of spring. I look forward to what your garden will bring this year. Thought after all that pruning we wouldn't see anything here for awhile but already have buds and blossoms it's been so warm. So much for dormancy.

  2. Glo, you never cease to amaze me with the images you capture of your surroundings. That header is a stunner! Funny that you should mention sunshine for a change. I heard today a rumor that we might be getting rain next week -- for a change!

  3. What a wonderful sunrise!
    In a few weeks you'll be more familiar with things, and settled, so won't feel as busy even if you are!
    I know that we've all seen some tentative signs of spring but we mustn't forget that it is still winter!
    I'm sure that your hydrangea will recover. xzx

  4. Hi Roomie ~ Submerged is a great word to describe the feeling of the first couple of weeks back at work/school! It's time to come up for air! Amazing that you have buds and blossoms already! I was so excited to think of our sunny days that were forecast, however they seem to be hidden behind clouds of fog!

    Hi Nikki! Thank you :)Glad you like the sunrise photo! It was taken just before 8:00 a.m. The drive to school, which only takes a few minutes, was breathtaking, and I hoped the colours would last until I was able to take a photo.

    Hi Flighty ~ Thanks :) Yes, the first two weeks have been naturally busy since it's a whole new environment, but I do think that I have set things up now so that I feel like I have a handle on most things! It's fun getting to know the students and staff, and they have been most welcoming. It certainly still looks and feels like it's winter, but seeing signs of spring is reassuring... I guess the hydrangea has been pruned by Nature!

  5. WOW!!!

    Your photo in your header is amazingly beautiful!!! Love it :)

  6. Hi Selby ~ thanks for coming by and pleased to know that you love the header :)

  7. Hello there...well son't get too busy! Lovely header image my dear.

  8. Glo, I know what you are going through with the job. I so agree with your second paragraph. Wishing you the best of luck with your new job. I hope to get back to more regular blogging soon too. x