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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nature looks back!

When I go out in nature
to see what I can see,
it’s plain to see that nature
is looking back at me!

A pinniped played peek-a-boo
while hiding on a raft.


A chimaree was chattering
so loud, I had to laugh!


On September 20, I walked down to the beach (see my previous post with seal video), and noticed that Harzel was still sporting his summer foliage:



I headed down the path, noticing that some enterprising weeds had captured Autumn!


Once I arrived on the beach, the interaction with the seal made my day. I was surprised he didn't just dive into the water if he was bothered my presence. I choose to think he was playing :)

September 21 was also a beautiful day, and knowing that rain was forecast for the next few days, out I went! I returned to the Conservation area a few miles away which I think is my new favorite place. Here are two panoramas:



It was along the trail in these woods that the squirrel made itself known (video above).


In a past post I had taken a photo of a similar squirrel in an old growth forest. I assumed it was a red squirrel, and Adrian mentioned in his comment about the difference between the appearance of the red squirrel in the UK and here.   I am now thinking that my squirrels are probably Douglas Squirrels, also known as Chimarees!

I'll show more photos of this Conservation area in my next post.


  1. That was quite a conversation from the nattering nutter. Love the way its tail is attached to its vocal chords :)

    The last view through the trees looks quite magical.

  2. For a moment there, I thought you'd captured Wimsey's vocalizations! He sounds remarkably like your nattering friend. He is so cute telling you aaaaallll about something or other. And then he seemed to speed up towards the end... maybe realizing you were about to turn off the camera. Your panoramas with the spreading cloud patterns are gorgeous.

  3. Another lovely wander. A very noisey Squirrel. I suspect he's looking for a mate.
    The Header is a real beauty.
    A quality post from start to finish.

  4. What a terrific post and photos. I've looked at it a couple of times and still forgot to comment.
    You're obviously making the most of the good weather which at this time of year is most welcome.
    I look forward to seeing more of your new favourite place! Flighty xx

  5. Thanks John. It just kept on and on, and you're right, the tail did seem to be attached to its vocal chords! LOL I'm not sure now if it is a Douglas may be a Red squirrel. I was reading up on the conservation area and red squirrels were listed.

    Nikki ~ that's interesting that Wimsey chatters like a squirrel ;) I had walked away from the squirrel thinking it was telling me to go away! It still carried on when I left, so I returned and took that last bit, where he sped up his message...whatever it was!

    Thanks Adrian ~ I was reading up on squirrels, and apparently they mate in late winter or spring, so it was probably telling forest inhabitants that there was an interloper! I hope when it is looking for a mate that it will find someone who is a good listener, because its mate would never get a word in edgewise ;)

    Thanks Flighty ~ Yes, it seems a good idea to get out and about when the weather is still pleasant, especially when I find some interesting creatures :) I hope to get another post up before long.

  6. I love Red Squirrels, and the old growth forest I'd imagine, for any kind, a squirrels' paradise. I love how you have captured the moment with the seal too. What a cutie! x

  7. It's good to see Harzel fully dressed :) He's looking well.
    Beautiful photo's

  8. Hi Louise ~ The squirrel did seem quite protective of his forest :) Glad you enjoyed the seal as well.

    Hi Mo ~ Quite flamboyant is Harzel :) I'm pleased you enjoyed my photos.