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Monday, September 19, 2011

Hide and Peek with a Pinniped

On my walk down to the beach today, a fellow on his way back mentioned to check out the raft and its occupant ~ and here's what happened ~



  1. Cute little guy. Or maybe he wasn't all that little! He seemed very aware of you, peeking around to see if you were still there. Great music, by the way :-)

  2. I can just see it thinking - who's that gawking at me while I'm trying to sunbathe.

  3. Wonderful! I have to say that pinniped is a new word for me which sent me off googling to look at all sorts of links. Flighty xx

  4. Hi Nikki ~ I had no idea when I started taking the video that I was in for a peek-a-boo session :) I had a hard time keeping the camera still because it was such a funny interaction! Glad you enjoyed the music.

    Hi Adrian ~ Charming, indeed ~ I really enjoyed watching his reaction to me.

    Hi John ~ That could be just what he was thinking! ~ or perhaps he just wanted to play peek-a-boo ;)

    Hi Flighty ~ Glad you enjoyed the video - yes, pinniped is a wonderful word!

  5. I really loved this little seal's game of peek-a-boo along with musical accompaniment Glo. What a comical little character he/she is. How it managed to stay on that raft which looked in danger of sinking at any moment, I don't know. A most heart-warming start to my day. x