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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's go fly a kite...

Following on from my July Photo Scavenger Hunt, I thought I'd share more of the kite flying day at a nearby beach in the form of photos/video ... turn on volume as there is musical accompaniment. Also there is a full screen option on the movie, little rectangle icon with arrow on the bottom right.


  1. A cheerful post on a grey day here.

  2. Wonderful, I like the different colours and shapes!
    Sadly it's much to soggy to go fly a kite here today. Flighty xx

  3. I like how that kite is having a well earned rest at the end of your footage Glo! There are certainly some elaborate ones to be seen there. We occasionally go up on the South Downs with our simple stunt kite. I find nowadays though that my arms aren't so strong, so I'm not so able to keep it under control! x

  4. Brilliant. How kites have changed since I last tried to get a diamond shaped effort to leave the ground. Looks as though participants and observers had a great time. Very apt music choice.

  5. what a lovely selection of kites! Something so summery about kites

  6. Hi Adrian ~ glad to brighten the day :)

    Hi Flighty ~ The kites were so bright and lovely to watch ~ hopefully your weather has cheered up!

    Hi Louise - It was fun to find the kite flyer when I saw the kite at rest! It was perfect kite flying day for people to try out their special ones. Do you have any photos of your stunt kite? I can imagine your arms would ache hanging on to it.

    Hi John ~ Yes, quite a change from the simpler kites. It was a great day at the beach for all kinds of things ... including sandcastles. Glad you enjoyed the accompanying music too.

    Hi Juliet ~ Yes, quite the variety of kites...I was happy to see them and flying free and very summery indeed :)