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Friday, August 12, 2011

Cherry Tree Part 1

As I have mentioned previously, the cherries did not ripen at the usual time this summer. July 1 is a date I look forward to as it's usually the start of cherry picking time. However, the following video was taken July 9, 2011 and obviously the cherries were nowhere near ripe! However, Robins have to get on with it ... and here is a little photo/video to share some sweet sights as I looked up into the cherry tree from the sun deck.

This summer cherries ripened late,
so little robin perched in wait.
At last his mother came in sight
to offer him a fruity bite ... 

or two.


  1. Well, those robins sure enjoyed hanging out in your tree! They were positively lounging, enjoying the breeze, popping a cherry into their beaks from time to time... such a life :-)

  2. Your Robins are really spoilt what with you thoughtfully providing a supply of fresh cherries ;)

  3. Lucky you seeing the robins like that, even though they're taking the first pickings!
    I've missed my plot robins, which will hopefully reappear as we head into autumn. Flighty xx

  4. I really like your videos............they calm me down from the whirlwind of thoughts that ricochet around my empty skull.

  5. Nikki - love your comment ~ yes, the robins were in their element ~ perhaps their red breast is cherry drippings ;)

    John ~ I'm sure glad the robins enjoyed the cherries, as this is the first year I haven't been able to pick any! Luckily the animals don't seem to care if they're swollen and split!

    Flighty ~ I hope your robins have returned. Not too many around here now.

    Adrian ~ Glad to be of service ~ I'm pleased you enjoyed the calm!