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Monday, August 1, 2011

Guess who with July's Scavenger Hunt Photos!

Please do not faint from shock at my reappearance!  Let's just say I've travelled far and wide in search of the elusive July choices.  Without further ado, here is the summary grouping:


Number one was "Red, white and blue" ~ throughout the month of July I shot various red, white and blue combinations, but the one I chose was a line up seadoos ready for any takers. Were these close to home? Oh, no they weren't!

It all began one rainy day in the middle of July when I was tired of the unseasonable weather. My son was off work for a 4 day weekend and the conversation went something like this:

Me: How adventurous are you feeling?
Son: Why?
Me: I wondered if you'd like to take off somewhere to find the sun.
Son: Where?
Me: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Son: HaHa
Me: Actually, I'm serious ...
Son: That's miles away...
Me: I know... :)

So we packed up the car and left a few hours later, catching a ferry at 8:15 p.m., driving over the Canada/US border about 11 p.m and stopped for the night (1 a.m.) in Marysville, Washington close to Hwy US 2. The next day we drove all across Washington State, stopping for a couple of hours in Leavenworth,  and then carrying on until crossing the border into Idaho!

The next day in Coeur d'Alene, the sun was indeed shining and hence, this lovely photo of the Seadoos, taken as we walked along the floating boardwalk.


Number 2 - Flip-flops

These flip-flops were a large 'wall hanging' in a local restaurant, and seemed to fit the bill!


Number 3 - Ice cream

I chose this photo of an ice cream cone I was eating while lounging on the back deck ~ the cone is on the left...cherry tree on the right.


Number 4 - Strawberries

This is one of the strawberries that was growing in my garden:


Number 5 - A flag

Since July 1 was Canada Day, I chose a Canadian flag that someone had attached to a stick on the beach.


Number 6 - Fields
So many fields, but I liked the look of this lush farm field ~


Number 7 - Celebration
Today, August 1, is BC Day but this photo was taken yesterday, July 31 when I was in Victoria ~ there was much celebration as cadets from various provinces paraded on the Parliament Building lawn, accompanied by marching bands and much joyous holiday spirit was abounding as we all shared in a beautiful summer evening. (Also out for dinner for my brother's retirement which was the main reason we were celebrating ;))


Number 8 - Sea shells
Of the myriad photos of sea shells I have taken, I chose this one. Each summer some of my relatives come to a seaside resort close by and when I was visiting them during the first week of July, the children showed me this 'butterfly tree' which was painstakingly made by placing seashells in a log that had been 'planted' in the sand. It was quite beautiful :)


Number 9 - Stars

I searched for a starfish for this category and found a gorgeous purple one while I was on a beach walk ~


Number 10 - Stripes

Well, our spontaneous trip to the States gave me ample opportunity to take a photo of the Stars and Stripes!


Number 11 - Kite

Oh my, not one kite found in my July collection, so off to the beach today to see what was up in the air! What a glorious day ~ a sunny seabreezy day - perfect kite flying weather. It was hard to choose from the many...


Number 12 - Happiness

I must say that the natural beauty of my surroundings brings me much happiness, especially a day like today, when the sky is blue, there is still a splash of snow on the mountains, and people are enjoying themselves at the beach. A wonderful feeling of freedom - can you see the kite?


As you can imagine, I have taken so many photos throughout July (would you believe over 1200!)  I have spotted three raccoons in the cherry tree at once.  The cherries this year, by the way, have been 'the pits'!  The cool wet spring and even many wet early summer days have confused the poor cherry tree.  The green hard cherries eventually turned red ... and split!  The animals and birds didn't seem to mind and continue to enjoy dropping exploding cherry bombs onto the deck.  Splat!

A deer has frequented the back yard, and has a little rest there some afternoons.

As I said, I have many summer photos and hopefully I'll feel like doing some blog entries ~ at least before August has run away with the rest of the summer!

Here is the August Scavenger Hunt list hosted by Kathy at Postcards from the P.P. 

a fountain
a boat
street food
a picnic
market day
a festival or funfair
something bizarre
a sport
something ancient

    I do apologize for not leaving comments on blogs during this last month, however I have been reading them and taking note of all goings on!


    1. I love the purple starfish, the view in your field photo and your happiness picture too. I think yours is the best shells picture I have seen too!

    2. Not one, but two kites, well done with that one!

      I love the sea shells.

    3. Such beautiful photographs. My favourite is the field one.

    4. Great photos - love the shells and the purple star fish; also your fields and happiness ones:)

    5. Thank You for the nice comments.
      I love the hanging flip flops, and the beach pictures and that is so cute the deer resting in your back yard.


    6. I love your happiness photo. The starfish is neat. I have never seen one in purple.

    7. Brilliant. A very inventive group of photos Glo. Never seen a purple starfish. Pleased you found some Sunshine, even if you did have to chase after it.

    8. Hello! :) Your Idaho trip sounds great, I love it that you just got up and went :) Great pics, as always, I love the shells and the starfish. Mo

    9. Another wonderful selection, of which I particularly like the last two!
      It's good to know that you've been enjoying yourself far and wide during the month. Flighty xx

    10. Love your photo grid...the shells are so unusual!

    11. Thanks Louise...I googled the starfish and found out it "is a common sea star found among the waters of the Pacific Ocean and is distinctively different to the sea stars found in the waters of the Atlantic". Glad you liked my photos - yes, the shells were uniquely presented for me to find!

      Little Blue Mouse ~ Thanks - I had to go kite hunting and found all sorts that day. Glad you liked the shells, too :)

      Hi Eileen ~ Thanks for stopping by and commenting - pleased to know you enjoyed the field photo.

      Rosie ~ Thanks for your comment and glad to know you enjoyed the photos.

      Mom & Daughter ~ I'm pleased you enjoyed my photos. The flip flops caught my attention since they were hanging on the wall. The deer does look quite contented. :)

      Hi Mel ~ Pleased you like my happiness photo and purple starfish, which I have found out is common on the Pacific coast.

      Hi John ~ Thanks ~ Glad you liked my photos. I hadn't realized the purple starfish was only common on the Pacific coast. He was quite a beauty shining in the sun. Yes, we had quite a spontaneous trip in search for the sun...we found it and brought it back ;)

      Hi Mo ~ I'm all for spontaneity! It was a super break from the rain, and fun too. The starfish was a beauty and I was so happy to find it glistening in a rock crevice. As soon as I saw the shells, I knew that I'd use them for the scavenger hunt!

      Hi Flighty ~ Thanks for your lovely comment ~ and glad to know you enjoyed my photos. Sometimes it's good to just get up and go far and wide - or go and fly a kite ;)

      Patrice - Thanks for stopping to comment and pleased you liked my photo presentation :)

    12. Yes, I had noticed you were missing Glo, and thought you may have been on some kind of excursion, but wouldn't have guessed Idaho! It's been nice catching with your exploits in July. I especially like the idea of the butterfly tree, and the colour of that starfish is incredible. x

    13. Beautiful images! 1200? Isn't it wonderful that we have digital capabilities now? Not all that long ago, those 1200 would have cost an arm and leg! I always claim that for every 36 I take, I get one really good one...yes, digital! And I also love your photos! They're all so unique and well done! The lushness of those fields...just delicious. And I really loved the kite image! Here's to another 1200 for August...have fun shooting! And don't get under those raccoons that have been eating all those cherries! Yikes.