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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday Bouquet update

I brought the flowers home for the weekend ~ still looking lovely ~


Just thought I'd share the beautiful bouquet that was adorning my desk when I arrived at work on Monday!


  1. That was a lovely way to start your week! xx

  2. It certainly was a lovely way to start my week, and each day the blossoms continue to open ~ and I can hide behind it if I need to ;)

  3. The blush-edged carnations are lovely! Hope the bouquet is still looking ok.

  4. Hi Liv ~ Yes, thank you ~ the bouquet is still lovely ~ I brought it home for the weekend once I had cut the stamens off the lilies! I have experienced "wearing them" previously!

  5. Bah! I just left a comment and blogger said it was a dupe but it wasn't! Pah!
    I said that they were fabulous blooms, I said thanks for sharing them with us and I said you deserved them!
    I also said that I loved your header! :o)
    *shakes fist at Mr Blogger*

  6. Hi Daffy ~ Thanks :) Glad you told off Mr. Blogger ~ and without using a pointy stick ;)

    The flowers are still looking good! I changed the water today, and there are still more lilies to pop.

    Good that I took the photo of the brilliant autumn leaves when I did because they have all fallen off !!

  7. Oh, beauteous! I think somebody wuvs you, to give you such lovely blooms. Happy Birthday.

  8. Hi, Glo.....everything about this post cries out ....'Aint it a beautiful world!'