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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Woodland Garden Walk

It looked like a decent day for weather, so off I went with my camera to a Woodland Garden. It wasn't long before I realized I was being pelted by tiny pearls of wisdom, more commonly known as hailstones. Not to worry. I was dressed for any kind of weather.

As I passed into a clearing, I caught a glimpse of a couple of mallards. What an ideal location to build a nest! She seemed to be quite excited about the idea.

I hope they stay and raise a family, a topic, no doubt, they are discussing!

Other signs of Spring were also very much in evidence.

The inside of the snowdrop is beautiful too!

Here's Robin and his little buddy Dark-eyed Junco.

Noticing the tide was out, I decided to head to
the beach.

To the beach...


  1. Breath-taking pictures to accompany a lovely entry that takes you on a nature filled journey. Wildlife and flowers are two of my favourite things. The water looks calm in the distance and the tree lined pathway looks magical, it could be a still shot from the set of The Chronicles of Narnia or Harry Potter!
    I'll spend more time looking at your previous entry tomorrow.
    I do love the snowdrop, and I feel honoured to be allowed to peek inside the inner petals and see even more hidden beauty!

  2. Wow, look at all you saw on your walk! I love all the spring colours as well as the scenic views through a wood. Beautiful!

  3. What a lovely, colourful entry! I like spring when there's new growth and all the animals are so busy.
    Luckily we don't often get 'tiny pearls of wisdom'. That is a great description for hailstones, and one which I've not heard of before.

  4. Daffy ~ Thank you so much for joining me on my walk through the woodland garden and your lovely comments. It is only a 5 minute walk from here, so go often as I have a membership. My imagination likes to run through those trees, too, and once I even spotted...I'll leave that up to YOUR imagination :) Yes, the water did look calm, and later in the day I hope to post photos of that part of my walk. Re the snowdrop...sometimes when heads are drooping, they hide the wonder of what's inside! Cheers :)

    Nikki ~ So glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed the woodland scenes. Stay tuned!

    Flighty ~ Thank you :) Spring is my favorite season. Seeing everything come to life, gives me a sense of rebirth, too. It's like a new day with dawn offering a chance once again to start fresh. That's the first time I've used 'pearls of wisdom' for hailstones. It just came to mind as I was in such a good frame of mind meandering through those woods. I like looking at things from different perspectives :) More later...

  5. Over the weekend we had a few hailstone showers, I shall be calling them pearls of wisdom from now on. Spring is my favourite time of year in the garden, your photos are so colourful. We have robins in our garden, but not like yours, the UK variety! x

  6. Hi Louise! I've just posted a comment on your lovely site, and here you are on mine...

    I am a little bit familiar with West Sussex, as I stayed there this time 4 years ago on a visit to Amberley, West Sussex and then on to Weymouth. I live on the west coast of British Columbia and think we might experience quite similar weather conditions to you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)