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Monday, March 31, 2008

Blue, Green and In-Between

A much better day weatherwise after the snow last fact, blue skies beckoned and I decided to head in another direction today, and to a different forest. I was curious what the combination of filtered sun and snow remnants would produce. Notice the evaporation coming off the tree trunks. I heard a lot of chattering and skittering and managed to capture a photo of the little fellow.

Here is my little forest creature:

I tried to post my beach slideshow, but something was amiss so will try tomorrow, in the meantime here's a sample:


  1. I'm not that keen on walking in forests. I prefer open countryside or the beach.
    That's a nice photo of the little fellow.

  2. Hello Flight ~ For some reason, your first sentence brought a smile. I was imagining (what's new), two people about to walk into a forest and one says, hesitantly,..."I'm not that keen on walking in forests." Why did that strike me as funny?? I can definitely understand your preference for the countryside, especially the beautiful English countryside, and I agree. However, here, trees are everywhere, so although there is some lovely countryside, there are only a few spots that I've come across where you can see for miles, unless you climb a very big hill :) And of course the beach speaks for itself, especially, I think, if childhood memories are involved.

    I am going to post another picture of Squirrel, at a distance. The new one I'll post shows him off to advantage in his environment.