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Saturday, March 29, 2008


After walking through the garden, I headed to the beach. The tide was out farther than ever, and after hopping over and through a bit of water, I realized I could walk along, what appeared to be, miles and miles of sand. I could see much bird activity in the distance at the water’s edge so I headed in that direction.

I noticed a beautiful still pool and as I neared it, I reflected on mirrored thoughts.

As I got closer, those tiny pearls of wisdom returned, releasing surface tension by adding their thoughts to the pool.

Just then the wind picked up, and blew across the pool rippling the surface and causing me to turn around and look at the sky.

Wow! I quickly put up and fastened my waterproof hood and tucked my camera into my jacket. I walked with my back to the wind towards the water’s edge, marveling at the stormy skies. On and on I walked, watching the storm move past and across to the mainland.

Here's a few photos in a slideshow format of the storm moving along until I reached the end of the open sand.

Another amazing spectacle were the "gulls galore along the shore". Here's a slideshow to give you an idea.

And here is a little movie entitled "Don't Bother the Crow" which will give you a sense of being right in the midst of it all.

We can't leave the day with that racket, so here's just a touch of a rainbow, the return of blue skies and the snow on the mountains as I headed home.


  1. Wonderful! Just wonderful. Its cold wet and grey and I feel as though I have been to beach without moving from the chair! (This is only a good idea in the bad weather, I am sure you will agree there is no better than the real thing.) It was kind of you (and clever of you) to share!
    Seagulls always look as though they are looking for mischief to me! Like rowdy scholl children! :o)

  2. Thanks Daffy for your reply and glad to have you along for company! It's a bit of a busy blog post, but it was such an interesting day that I took loads of photos. I was experimenting on this post to see if I could embed slideshows and a video, which I managed. Also the clickable photos are smaller.

    Not long ago, during the herring spawn, there were seals, eagles, and so much more sea life around!

    Naturally the beach is busier in the warmer weather, but I must admit I love it when there's hardly another human soul in sight :)

  3. What an absolutely terric entry!
    I am just a tiny bit envious that you are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful place.
    Like you I much prefer it when there's few, if any other, people around. There's a lot to said for solitude at times. xx

  4. Hello Flighty ~ I am pleased you enjoyed the posting, and yes, it is a beautiful place to live with the proximity to the ocean, forests and mountains. The climate is considered mild, although a little confused at the moment it seems, much like elsewhere in that respect. Looks like a nice day today, least for now...:)