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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the seventeenth day of December

Thanks for commiserating with me after yesterday's slip up!  I have been having a chat with myself today:
  • Be mindful.
  • Think and plan before doing! 
  • Finish one job before starting another.
I am a little stiff this morning ~ more painful when walking upstairs than on a flat surface, and my neck is tender from 'whiplash' when my skull smacked against the wall.  I find that a warm scarf wrapped around my neck is helping.

So to start my mindful day, I decided to make a chicken pie to finish up the roast chicken I cooked the other day and also bake a cranberry orange cornbread cake.  Comfort food, you might say. I stayed in the kitchen until I was done... well, I did wander off to the laundry room to do two loads of laundry, but made sure that everything was OK in the kitchen before doing so.

When I headed for a rest on the couch before heading downtown,  I noticed some visitors at the bird feeders.

These Bushtits arrive in a large group ~ swoop in, and then whoosh, gone!  Very cute little birds.  I see that their Latin name is Psaltriparus minimusFun to say out loud! ;)

Two little Black-capped Chickadees were on the sunflower seed/nut feeder ~ 

So thanks again for your kind thoughts ... I am grateful to feel a lot better!


  1. Glad to hear you a feeling better after the mishap! The pie looks scrumptious. I haven't had a good chicken pot pie in ages :-)

  2. Good to see that you're okay. That pie looks, and sounds, delicious.
    The bushtits sound very similar to the long-tailed tits we get here, which are truly delightful little birds. Flighty xx

  3. Nice to know you are taking abit more care today. Your chicken pie looks truly scrumptious - comfort food indeed! As Flighty says your bush tits are very like our long tailed tits and we too had a visit to the feeders from them today - they are one of my favourite birds, such sweeties.

  4. I'm really pleased to hear you're on the mend, hopefully all your aches and pains will go soon. Oh WOW....loving your bushtits....what fab little birds to entertain