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Saturday, December 18, 2010


I have been busy puttering around the house lately, so not many photos.  My brother had mentioned that he was trying to finish up some projects before the end of the year, and I thought that was a great idea, so I have been attempting to do the same.  Much better than thinking up new resolutions...finish off some of the old ones!

I see the little ruby-crowned kinglet nearly every morning at my front window, which always brightens the day, however no new photos.  He seems to be the only one of his kind around, whereas there are many dark-eyed juncos flitting around in the tree with the suet sticks.  

On the way home from shopping last week, I stopped at a beach as the twilight approached and have stitched together a few photos for this shot.  


Since it is a week until Christmas, I am busy wrapping, baking etc. and it is so lovely to have the time off to prepare. 


  1. You've been puttering whilst I've been pottering attemping likewise, not that I've succeeded!
    It's so nice to see a bird like that which brightens the day. With me it's the robins, although watching the blue tits out front comes a close second.
    Nice picture, I like the pink tinges that show at that time of day.
    Have a good week! xx

  2. You have a very smart brother! I haven't had time to think up projects, either those that need finishing or new ones. Maybe during pruning week next week, I'll have time to think. Enjoy your preparations and Christmas celebrations!

  3. Hi Flighty~ Puttering, pottering, tomahto,tomayto... we all have our way of saying things, but hopefully can still understand the gist ;) I wonder how your little robin is doing on the snowy plot?

    Tonight is the lunar eclipse, and I just saw a little bit of the moon as we have cloud cover, and intermittent rain. Doesn't do much for sky gazing. Hope you have a good week, too.

    Hi Nikki ~ Yes, my brother is full of bright ideas :) Don't tell me it's pruning time already! It doesn't seem that long ago that the previous pruning took place...Whatever you do, it must work well, because your roses in particular are gorgeous!

  4. I agreed better to finish the unfinished projects instead of making new resolutions :)