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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Twas (not!)



  1. Ah, yes, a good solution to many of life's frustrations! But maybe your lighting situation will improve when the light elves come to your aid. On second thought, maybe not. My light elves (the furry ones) preferred playing soccer with the ornaments...

  2. I think that sorting out, and putting up, Christmas lights is everyone's least favourite chore! Still you had some chocolate to console you.
    I laughed at Nikki's comment about furry light elves! Flighty xx

  3. Hi Nikki ~ Yes, the chocolate helped relieve my frustration (although now I have one less treat for the stockings|) Although I didn't have any help or hindrance from furry little elves, I went off to the hardware store and bought a couple of strings of lights to replace the old ones. Believe it or not, one of them was defective and I had to return yet again for another set. Yeesh, it's a good job I started at the beginning of December instead of when I usually put up the tree a week or so before Christmas! ~ all this kerfuffle without any interference from pets! The tree is decorated now and looks pretty!

    Hi Flighty - Decorating can be a chore if things don't work, that's for sure. I have learned to label things when I put them away, such as "Twinkling lights, put on tree first", etc., but that doesn't help if the things don't light! It is much less hassle now that I don't have a 'real' tree because I don't have to worry about adding water, and can put it up earlier before it gets too busy. Yes, Nikki's comment was cute, just like her cats! Putting up a tree with them around could be even more of a 'catastrophe' ;)

  4. Oh how I sympathise! They can cause not end of domestic strife. And when I owned my shop we had so many more to contend with. Poor Mr Uhdd found them very trying.

  5. Oh dear! I'm so sorry Glo, I have managed to get completely behind again, please teacher, I promise to try harder ;)

    I seem to be behind with everything... commenting, posting, housework, Christmas preparations, the whole darned lot :( I think I need to hibernate until Spring!

    All the food on the posts since I last commented looks wonderful, I especially liked the look of that bacon and asparagus pie, really mouthwatering.

    Of course I loved all the verse, you really are so good at that! Your snowy photos were beautiful too. I'm sure you know that some parts of the UK have had 18inches of snow, we have had a small amount but it has been the unremittingly bitter temperature that have been the worst thing where I am...-11C for much of one morning!! As I write this we are just above zero for the first time in ages...but only for today, much more severe weather to come next week they say and probably well into the new year :(

    I had never heard of your Trumpeter Swan (not sure I should admit that :) ) so looked it up and see it is the North American version of our European Whooper Swan and the largest living waterfowl species on earth! So I have learnt something new today thanks to you :)

    As for Christmas lights...oh goodness, what a nightmare every year! We haven't done battle with ours yet but I can guarantee at least one set won't work.

    I was so glad you didn't end up in the ditch when you had your scary driving incident Glo, that could have been very nasty indeed!

  6. Hi UHDD ~ all fixed now, so that's a good thing :) Yes, I bet running a shop was a challenging experience for all involved. You certainly are in the midst of a freeze! Wonderful photos, but causing chaos according to news/weather reports! Hope you are all OK though.

    Hi ShySongBird ~ So nice to read your lovely comments as you catch up :) It's a busy time for sure, and Christmas is coming whether we're ready for it or not, so not to worry :) It all seems to get done in the end...either that, or we feel done in!

    Glad you enjoyed the pie (which was sort of a quiche with various goodies added in). I find myself turning to verse when things are either quite funny or quite vexing! It must be one of my coping strategies...along with chocolate.

    Today I went off to check on the Trumpeter swans again, and wow, there were over 30 of them! I'm glad you have become acquainted with them through googling the gaggle ;)

  7. PS ShySongBird ~ in that last sentence I seem to have mixed my feathers...swans aren't gaggles; I should have referred to them as a 'herd', or a 'wedge' if flying...