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Monday, September 27, 2010

Stormy Weather

I have been off gallivanting over the past while, attending a retirement party for a colleague, going to Vancouver for a couple of days, and going out for lunch with two dozen others to celebrate a friend's birthday. My son and his girlfriend also were here working some magic in the backyard with their 'permaculture' interest.

We have been experiencing some blustery weather lately, however on Saturday I managed to capture a rainbow:


The seas have been choppy ~ by Thursday, however, we are expecting sunshine for a few days! Yay! I will no doubt have to cut the lawn as the grass has come back to life with all this rain.

More grey photos ;)



I'll be back when the sun shines :)


  1. Seems like we are sharing the same sort of weather Glo. The Sun looks as though it is trying to break through here for the first time in several days.

    Not often we see both ends of a rainbow, but still no pot of gold in sight - unless you got there first ;)

  2. Oh oh oh what a lovely rainbow! With our crazy hot weather, we also have some possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow. Must be because I was thinking about washing my car...

    Sounds like a nice round of social visits with your friends. Aren't they the spice of life?

  3. It sure sounds like you've been enjoying yourself!
    I can't remember when I last saw a rainbow like that.
    It's been dull weather here recently as well.
    Enjoy the sunshine! Flighty xx

  4. Hi John ~ Well, the weather has improved noticeably here and I have been out in it! I hope your weather has cheered up as well. Alas no pot of gold found near the rainbow, however autumn is filled with golden promises which makes me realize the wealth shared by nature :)

    Hi Nikki ~ I'm pleased you enjoyed seeing the full rainbow ~ sunshine has replaced the grey skies for now, so happy days! Yes, it's always fun to spend time with friends :)

    Hi Flighty ~ It was a busy social time for a change of pace! Weather is good for now so I've been out enjoying it. Hope you have some sunshine as well. :)