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Monday, July 12, 2010


Check out the teeth!

After Gnasher had been in the tree long enough, I sent him on his way with a jet spray from the garden hose. He stopped at the end of the garden, and looked at me...I think I heard him say..."I'll be back..."

Edited to add: For a slightly modified version check out my youtube video/audio

Later in the evening, I went out the front door and a grey bundle dropped at my feet and took off like a streak...My heart jumped into my throat! However, it was just Mr. Sneaky, the neighbour's cat, who had been up in the dogwood tree. A cat in a dogwood tree...I know.

I have had other visitors recently, (the human kind) so lots of BBQ's and time in the sun. Fortunately it has cooled down and is much more pleasant. 


  1. I can see this becoming an ongoing saga! Flighty xx

  2. He doesn't seem terribly shy does he?

  3. Hi Flighty ~ well, I hoped you weren't right in thinking it was an ongoing saga ~ but Bandido has been back. The cherries are nearly gone, so perhaps he'll leave the rest to the birds!

    Hi Nikki~ He's not shy at all, but at least he didn't leap out of the tree on top of me! When I squirted the hose at him, he just moved out of range...

  4. Can racoons be a nuisance in the garden, like squirrels can? I've had a look at your YouTube video. It's great, and I liked the funky backing track! You can't really blame him, I'm a sucker for cherries too! x