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Thursday, July 8, 2010


The temperatures have soared this week ~ but who can complain after we've waiting so long for summer. Luckily a sea breeze is making temperatures bearable.


My eldest son had a few days off so a couple of days ago we headed down to Merridale Cidery after reading about it on a friend's blog. What a wonderful spot! We had a delicious lunch, including an apple pie with ice cream!


Back at home, I picked a rose bouquet which I dedicate to Nikki ~ happy belated birthday Nikki! Included are Iceberg, Folklore, Hot Cocoa, Heritage, Fragrant Cloud, Fairy ...


So last evening, I was reading on the lounge on the deck. It was still very warm, but pleasant. I heard a rustling overhead and assumed the birds were in the cherry tree again. However, as I looked up I came eye to eye with Bandido...

A cute little young raccoon, about the size of a cat...


Will there be any cherries left for me once they ripen?
I think not ;)


  1. Oooh! How lovely, thank you! I've already got my nose in that colorful orange one :-) It seems so odd that your temps are higher than ours these days... we're in the mid 70s and I'm drinking lots of hot tea (the office air conditioning is set for the boys who must run ten degrees warmer than the girls).

    Did your nice lunch (and gorgeous individual pie) come with the canine companion? What a beautiful creature.

  2. Glo, I just saw this today and thought of your creative food creations.

  3. Hi Nikki ~ You're more than welcome:) I have been waiting to have enough blooms from different rose bushes to make a decent bouquet! ~ lovely fragrance as well. Yes, it's hot and staying that way for awhile. It does seem odd that it's cooler down your way. I think many would be happy to change places at the moment. There were many taking a dip in the ocean today.

    The Wolfhound mix (I think Stella was her name) was a beauty, and yes, she sat near various tables, especially when food was served ;)

    Thanks for the link to the creative food site. I love looking at stuff like that ~ you know me well! Some great ideas there... :)

  4. It's that warm here but no sea breeze sadly!
    That apple pie and ice cream looks rather delicious, and being the big softie that I am would probably have shared mine with Stella.
    What a lovely bouquet!
    I love 'Bandido', but would be rather unhappy if it were my cherry tree. Mind you over it's the birds that strip them overnight!
    Have a good weekend! Flighty xx

  5. I can imagine how stifling it could be without the sea breeze! Back east there is sweltering weather ~ a heat wave with lots of humidity. I was happy with the bouquet and today picked a few more roses. The blooms are popping out with the heat. Also, because of the heat, I'm happy the birds are able to get some refreshment from the cherries ... but hopefully Bandido can go somewhere else ... I don't want to encourage raccoons around here! I've seen rabbit droppings as well and the tops of my potato plants have had their flowers nibbled off. We all have to have nourishment!

  6. It was quite warm enough here yesterday when it reached 29, especially as the breeze was reall warm as well. I really appreciated my air conditioning!

    I hope Bandido leaves you some cherries.