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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Flighty - Whoops!

Now you know why
Frog Newton turned up when he did! Just to wish you Happy Birthday on September 25! Turn on your sound, and don't forget to check out the 'click here' as well! ;)

I will be busy for the next couple of days, so I thought I'd better send greetings before rather than after!

Hope you have a great day, Flighty, and all the best for a wonderful year ahead


Well, I just realized it's not your birthday at all...where is my brain hiding??? You're a Scorpio and your birthday is in October! I wonder whose birthday it really is? Perhaps, Frog Newton's! I have no idea ~ I'm quite embarrassed. However I really love the frogs singing Happy Birthday, so here you go, Flighty have a lovely unbirthday and forgive me for my mistook! LOL


  1. Not surprisingly I love this entry! No matter that it's not my birthday, which is October 24 by the way!
    The frogs singing has me laughing out loud, and as for the click here blooper it's brilliant.
    Thanks to this hilarious Whoops of a post I shall long remember today as my unbirthday day!
    It looks like being a beautiful day here, so thanks to that and this my day has got off to a real smiley start!
    Have a lovely day. xx

  2. Glo! Are you trying to induce heart attacks! My word, I was sweating and clucking and all of huh! there for a minute...
    Telling myself that if Flighty had moved his birthday he would have surely told me! (My mum used to say that she would move house when I was at school when I was being naughty and I have just had flashbacks to the terrors that that used to cause! (I knew she wouldn't move... It took me three weeks to tidy my room so I knew she couldn't move a whole house in a day!!!)
    Right... I'll go and have a long lie down now! :o)

  3. Well, you did say you wanted to wish him birthday wishes before but probably did not quite mean a month ahead! Daffy, that is quite a feat, moving birthdays... but if Flighty wanted to, I suppose he could've!

  4. Hi Flighty ~ I'm still laughing ~ I love those frogs, especially the blooper. Thanks for reminding me of the proper date, which will be here before we know it. Glad to hear your weather is bright and cheery, as it is here! Haven't had time to take too many photos, but will catch up soon. Our staff had a little party after school at the home of the couple who took the whale photos, and he framed one. It is magnificent!

    Hi Daffy ~ Sorry I gave you fluttery heart and a 'huh' moment! I'm usually very good at remembering dates, but I was off by a long shot on this one, and have no idea why. Anyway, I found the frogs which break me right up! I think your mother and mine must have been similar ... but mine really did move! Once I found her, I promised faithfully to clean my room... she said I'd probably need a maid when I left home! LOL

    Hi Nikki ~ Now Flighty has two days to celebrate! Yes, I was right off the mark on the dates! Good for a laugh, anyway ~ ;)