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Friday, June 12, 2009

Meet Mr. Flicker

Read more about Northern Flickers.


  1. So what did Sneaky pounce on and catch...was it Snakey!
    You are so lucky to see such lovely birds in your garden.
    Have a good, and relaxing weekend! xx

  2. Hi Flighty ~ after watching Mr. Sneaky prancing around, I decided to see if there was anything I should be saving, but I couldn't spot a thing at first...but as I tiptoed closer I nearly stepped on Mr. Snakey, and I let out a squawk and made a beeline back to the deck! Northern Flickers are a riot to watch. Last year, there were two of them down there pecking away at the ground, flicking grass and moss everywhere. Because it is so dry at the moment (being in the tropics ;) ) all I could see was flying sandy dirt! Don't they make a weird sound? At least it's a change from the "neep neep" of the nuthatch! I do plan on having a relaxing weekend! Thanks :) Hope yours is good, as well.

  3. Wow! Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Nic ~ Nice to see you here, and pleased you enjoyed meeting Mr. Flicker!

  5. Lovely piece of video of Mr. Flicker. I was tickled by his markings. It looks as though he is wearing a black baby's bib in case he spills any food. Brilliant bits of red on his neck as well. As he flew off it looked as though his under wings were brilliant orange, or was that the low sunlight?

    He certainly flicks up the dust. Many of my bird visitors do a similar thing on the ground feeder - flick their beaks from side to side scattering seeds all over to find the one they like.