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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Photo Scavenger Hunt

We are experiencing such beautiful Autumn weather ~ cooler nights, an occasional splash of rain, and brilliant blue skies that emphasize the changing colour of the leaves ~ and of course, the month finishing off with a clear eclipse of the golden Harvest moon was an added wonder.

1.  Woven

The intricacies of this woven network of lateral root branches caught my eye.

2.  Repeating

3.  Greedy

When seeds are scattered here and there
The critters come to seek their share
But one of them looks more than needy ~
One of them looks just plain greedy!

When Squirrel knows that seeds have dropped,
He simply runs and can’t be stopped.
Not even Towhee with his frown
Can make an impact on this clown.

While Downy hardly spares a glance,
He knows he has a sporting chance,
Until the Steller’s open beak
Explodes the silence with its ...

4.  Flowers

During September, I visited the Abkhazi Garden in Victoria, BC.  I must have driven by hundred of times during the years, not knowing about this exquisite heritage home and garden located in Victoria, British Columbia, a city known for its wonderful gardens.  Prince and Princess Abkhazi began creating their garden in 1946.   The link above will share the fascinating history of the home and gardens.  

There are numerous unusual flowers and plants, including this one ~

and these eye catching purple Billardiera longiflora from Tasmania.

 5.  Curly

Curling waves and a twirling curly tail  ~

6.  Adventures

Here's a boat load of adventurers speeding their way back from a Whale Watching tour on the Salish Sea (Juan de Fuca Strait).  Looks like there may be a whale in hot pursuit ;)

 7.  Line

A faint kite line

and drifting between the lines ~  Ever since seeing my friend's jump last month, I seem to notice people frequently dropping out of the sky!
8.  Mesmerizing

Well I have to say that I found the one acre property with its wonderful landscaping and scenery at the Abkhazi Garden quite mesmerizing.  So much to see ~ and the ponds and water features added a gentle soothing ambiance.

9.  Triangle
A light shining on a brick wall during a sunset dinner outside in Victoria ~

or how about this shiny triangular shape adorning the radiator on a Rolls Royce :)

10.  Dreamy

11.  Day

After wishing for respite from our long hot summer, this Robin celebrated the best way he knew how on this rainy day!  Is Robin in the Rain, or Singing in the Rain running through your head now??

12.  Whatever

To finish off ... it's reassuring to know that Batman is out there patrolling the beachfront ~

Thanks once again to greenthumb for sponsoring these monthly photo scavenger hunts.   Clicking on the  camera icon link on the very bottom of the webpage takes you to the site.


  1. All of your photos are beautiful but I really like your take on woven. You really have a gift to capture nature's beauty. I hope you're having a wonderful week. Please send us some cool, autumn weather; it's still very warm down here in southern California. My best to you, Pat xx

  2. What a great collection, Flo! I got a big kick out of Greedy! It is hysterical! You are so clever at creatively showcasing your photos. I really liked Triangle. It makes me think of Victoria's Chinatown! Have a happy rest of the week!

  3. Batman or Catwoman?
    Another good round up.

  4. HI This is my first attempt today and I love the selection you have made for all the words. It is wonderful to see how different people see and shoot the images for the word prompts. I adore the the series of shots andtexts on 'Greedy' very funny and clever. Yes I amsinging along with the Robin now, Batman looks a bit scary! Love the dreamy shot, you can just loose youseflin that photograph or perhaps a drive in that lovely RR would do the trick, I would love the walk round that beautiful garden to see all the flowers and ponds. Have a great month ahead.

  5. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of Line, triangle, and repeating. Greenthumb

  6. It's good to see that you're enjoying such good weather.
    Another wonderful selection of pictures. I especially like the first one, the pond and the Rolls Royce.
    The Abkhazi Garden looks like a great place to visit, and thanks for the link. Flighty xx

  7. Wonderful photos, I like them all, you've captured some great images:)

  8. Great fun and wonderful interpretations - love the squirrely fun - and Batman on patrol.

  9. Those greedy little squirrels and birds - you really brought them to life! I love the light on the brick wall, and I always love seeing the water and beaches. Lovely!

  10. We had a blood red supermoon, and I missed it! How I enjoyed your poem, the squirrel and the bird do not disappoint!
    I sure would like to visit the Abkhazi garden AND go whale watching.....sighs....
    Your triangle shot, the light on the bricks os MOST original, and I loved the bird in the Dreamy shot.
    Singing in the rain is playing on a loop in my fab series of pics!xxx

  11. How cool to have photographed a Rolls Royce! And the ocean is lovely!

  12. These are genius!
    Those clouds are truly dreamy and Batman was a great one to catch! The triangle was SUCH a beautiful one too!
    The best of the lot is the Squirrel adventures- loved the cheeky escapades!x

  13. Ha! Batman is wonderful. Love your humorous Greedy shots and the warmth of the red light on the wall.

  14. Fabulous collection of photos...just love Batman....x

  15. Your critter poetry is as delightful as ever. As much as I'm not fond of spiders, I have to say that I quite like the photo you took. Maybe it's the turquoise background that speaks to me.. maybe the shadow.. maybe it's just that fine a photo. I suspect that's the one. :) And the robin photo is just lovely.

  16. I always enjoy your interpretations of the prompts, Glo. And the commentary you add to our furry and feathery friends had me smiling. That squirrel on his hind legs made me grin indeed! How lovely to discover a beautiful spot to visit in the Abkhazi garden.
    ('tis me, nikkipolani; blogger won't let me post with WordPress)