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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I missed this one!

I am going to try and keep track of birds that visit my bird feeders. I didn't realize last year just how many different feathered friends came around. Now that I'm more familiar with their identification, it is even more enjoyable watching their antics.

One bird that I didn't put in my posting about birds awhile back was the Wren. I see it often and even on the bird feeders. Here's a couple of photos of the wren on the lawn.



Today I have dismantled all signs of Christmas; this project seems to have taken much of the day! I have enjoyed the bright and cheery lights throughout the season...and with no snow to hinder travel, it has been a merry time.

I have now settled into my hibernating 'reading' mode ~ finishing the latest Flavia de Luce novel, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, by Alan Bradley .

When I get 'into' an interesting and enjoyable novel, I forget time. For instance, Flavia was finished in one sitting, and the next night I began reading the first of the 'Jane Austen Mystery Series' by Stephanie Barron. I snuggled into the couch, and when I finally finished reading it, I had no knowledge of the passing of time...until I looked at the clock... 3:30 a.m. Good grief! I will try to pace myself a bit better! I have started the second novel in the series, and stopped reading my kobo after a couple of chapters.

Thanks to Flighty for mentioning me in his recent post! It was also a reminder that I've been blogging for nearly four years. I have been retired for two years (December 31), and that is just amazing in itself. Time hasn't slowed down at all!


  1. Our little native Wren is always guaranteed to put a smile on my face, albeit at times being difficult to spot. It's so great to have birds in the garden isn't it, and to be able to photograph them like you do is a bonus. We've yet to have snow down here on the South Coast, so long shall it last! Happy Hibernation Glo! x

  2. Your Wren isn't as dumpy as ours and has a longer tail though it sticks up in just the same way.

    I must get back to some reading. I'm like you, if the read is a good one I don't want to put it down.

  3. Lucky you seeing a wren as they are very elusive here.
    Did you enjoy the Flavia de Luce book?
    What's a kobo?
    Thanks for the mention. I agree about time not slowing down, in fact almost the opposite.
    Flighty xx

  4. You are lucky to have a wren visiting. Our move like lightening.

  5. Hi Louise ~ Thanks for your lovely comment. I was surprised to see the Wren up on the feeder as well...Glad to hear you haven't had any snow ~ makes travelling about so much easier! I've read three novels already this year and it's only January 8th ;) so my hibernation is going well, thanks!

    Hi John ~ It's interesting to compare similar birds in different locations :)

    A good book and winter seem to be a natural and perfect combination!

    Hi Flighty ~ I did enjoy the Flavia de Luce book. It's been so long since I read the last one, that it took me awhile to remember the 'lay of the land' ~ but I do get a kick out of her...and her sisters! When I read about their relationships, I'm glad I didn't have a sister!
    My Kobo is my eReader. Although I enjoy paper books, I am really enjoying the eReader ~ Especially since I can turn the print larger when my eyes get a bit tired ;)

    Hi Adrian ~ Yes, it's great to see the little wren, and I've enjoyed seeing all your colourful feathery visitors lately!

  6. We, too, have taken Christmas decorations down. Though I miss the twinkly lights, it feels good to have uncluttered spaces again. I'm glad you're collecting the varieties of birds. Retirement seems to agree with you ;-)

  7. That is a little sweetie of a bird. I can't say I've seen any around here so thanks for sharing it.