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Thursday, November 4, 2010

To everything, there is a season ...


  1. A lovely video Glo!

    I enjoyed the previous post too, the scenery was breathtaking.

    I can't imagine seeing Bald-headed Eagles in the park or any other eagles for that matter, I suspect those poor gulls wished they hadn't seen any either :)

  2. I really enjoyed that. Look great full screen. Nice mix of video and stills with a haunting soundtrack. Brilliant!

  3. Hi Flighty, UHDD, ShySongbird and John ~ glad you enjoyed the video :) When autumn arrives, the salmon spawn and the eagles and bears are in abundance. I find it fascinating to visit areas such as this when the seasons turn. I'm not sure if the eagles in the trees are juvenile bald eagles or golden eagles as they are often mistaken for each other. The salmon was right at my feet swimming around the edge.

  4. PS John, I'm glad you watched it full screen and enjoyed the mixture and music ~ 'haunting' is a good description of that particular piece ~