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Monday, November 8, 2010

More Eagles, Harlequin Ducks, and other sea birds

Today I was back at my favourite place where the river meets the sea because the sun was shining. More sea birds and signs of seasonal change.  Also I was watching where I stepped, as there were many fungi in amongst the grass and moss.


I hope this isn’t getting to be too much of a muchness, but I thoroughly enjoy being in this location taking photos ~ each time it is amazing.


Today, along with the usual sea birds, I was happy to see a log full of Harlequin Ducks. I found the link very interesting and informative and hope you do, too!


On this panoramic collage, the eagle in the centre photo is perched on the pole nearest the sea on the bottom panorama. There is another bald eagle on the shore ... next to a seagull. I guess when there is an abundance of salmon in the sea, there is no need for an eagle to chomp on a seagull!


Watch the video at full screen - sea birds provide their own sound track, along with the odd small plane overhead!


  1. A lovely post Glo! The video looks great full screen, I felt I was there with you. The Harlequin link was very interesting too, what a striking looking creature it is! It reminded me a little of the Mandarin Duck. I thought it fascinating to read it dives to the bottom of the water and then walks along looking for food, I have never heard of that before.

  2. I like your photo collage and especially the eagle.

  3. I really enjoy posts like this and would never consider them to be too much of a muchness!
    Fungi are fascinating plants.
    Lucky you seeing those ducks, and the link is most interesting.
    Flighty xx

  4. Beautiful photo! I like the panoramas, it looks live a very nice place to go for a walk with a camera

  5. Always interesting to see what wildlife there is in other parts of the world.

    The ducks at the water's edge didn't seem to take any notice of the eagle flying over them.

  6. My apologies for not posting replies to your wonderful comments ... actually I did leave comments, but for some reason they disappeared, which was rather discouraging once I realized they were not here. So I will start again :)

    Hi ShySongbird ... so glad you enjoyed the video and I also see the resemblance to the Mandarin Duck. Yes, interesting to find out about the behaviours of the wildlife around us, and I learned a lot from the link as well...including the walking on the bottom feeding!

    Thank you Terra - thanks for commenting and I am pleased you enjoyed seeing the eagle especially.

    Hi Flighty - Glad you enjoy my posts. I guess I was a lucky duck to spot those Harlequins ;) There are so many different fungi - one of my sons has a fascinating book about them and has learned which ones to pick. I am not confident in knowing which is which to eat any I would pick!

    fer - I am pleased you like the is a lovely place to leave and perfect for take photos!

    Hi John - Wildlife continues to visit especially the in the late hours...although I am not rigged up by cameras, the recent snow has helped me recognize who is visiting! Quite often the seagulls will take flight when an eagle is swooping around, but then land back down even when an eagle is close by. The ducks seem to ignore the eagles and just carry on!