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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Photo Scavenger Hunt

Another month, and year, of photos completed ~

After my recent 'Twas'-ing posts, I am happy to say that only a couple of issues remain this point... replacing the flashing on the chimney and adding a downspout ...  Hilary humorously and poetically replied in the previous comment section:
So many things just gushing and flowing
And so handy are you.. you must be all-knowing
You've fixed up the biggies though some still remain
I doubt 'twill be long 'til you're at it again
So when we hit the New Year, I wish this for you
May the next thing that spills be some wine.. into you
 That gave me a chuckle ~ she has the right idea.

One of the charming things about this time of year, is that I have a hummingbird visitor that perches on a twig of the blooming Mock Orange and Winter Jasmine bushes, visible from my front door window.  Here is a youtube video I made of the little bird sheltering from the weather.  My tiny fellow doesn't seem to be taking advantage of the opportunity, like Hilary's hummingbird back east.  What a wonderful video she took of her hummingbird thoroughly enjoying a rain shower.

OK, on with the Scavenger Hunt:

1.  Joy (or Bliss...)

One sunny day in December, I noticed rafts of sea lions basking in the ocean.... a close-up view shows their apparent blissful joy while soaking up the rays.

Certain humans seem to find exhilarating joy in the ocean, especially in stormy weather:

2. Together

The Trumpeter Swans have returned for the winter:

The cycle of life is apparent as the sea lions chase and catch the salmon in the sea, while at the same time, a Bald Eagle's appearance sends the gulls flying ... Being together with the eagle is not a wish of the gull!

 3.  Tree

This tree is for Flighty, who showed a picture of a lit up tropical tree on his blog.  This tree is located in the village, near our hardware store.

 4.  Ornament

While I was on a night cruise to take a photo of the tree above, I noticed a very cosy window display with shiny ornaments, and cuddly critters.

5.  Light

In the village:
~ a little white bird perches inside the star light on my tree, and it is referred to as Snowbird :)

6.  Christmas

It seems that the flock have been gathered for a Neigh-tivity scene, and are in the process of readying for a special night, or practicing for their Christmas Concert.

I know, a very baaaa'd play on words ~ and I've just made it worse ;)

7.  Sparkle

Nothing quite sparkles like the annual Festival of Lights in Ladysmith, and it is always one of my favorite sights during the season.  The headlights from a car coming up the road interfere with the effect somewhat.

Movement of the camera makes the lights look like upside down candy canes.

8.  Giving

I don't know... is she giving? taking? moving?  My camera was sitting on the table at the front window, and this person walked down the road carrying a chair... BYOC (bring your own chair?)  Is the red thing a gift, another cushion?  I have no idea, so I'm giving you an opportunity to figure out possibilities ;)

 9.  Food

Why didn't I take a photo of the golden brown turkey with crispy bacon coating, or the potatoes and vegetables, sweet potato and apple dish, dressing, cranberry sauce, steamed pudding...anything from Christmas dinner?  Too busy taking photos of ladies walking by carrying chairs, I guess.  The only photo of food I took was a plate of Double Ginger Crackle cookies that I baked and gave to the Senior Centre...

10.  Red

Little hummingbird proudly showed off its 'red' gorget as it perched on the twig at the front door ~

Oops, nearly forgot the little red sweater I knit up photoshopped for my chilly friend.

 11.  Kitchen

As mentioned previously, no photos were taken in my kitchen of food (or anything else), but this morning, lo and behold, I saw this scene through my kitchen window!

A little late for a white Christmas, however, it looked very seasonal...and fortunately stopped and all traces disappeared by the afternoon.

12.  Whatever

There are grape vines intermingled with an apricot tree in the back yard - often referred to as a grapricot. ;) In this entanglement, there is something hidden.  Can you spot it?

Guess who?

The hummingbird(s) took up a fair bit of my photograph count this month ~ I noticed that these images seem to confirm the hummingbird's preference for red.

Thank you to Greenthumb for continuing to supply lists and host the link up for the monthly Scavenger Hunt photos.

Thank you to my readers, as well ~ I love that you drop by, and appreciate all comments :)

I wish you all a most wonderful New Year and hope 2016 brings peace, health and happiness to everyone.

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*


  1. Love your interpretations. The hummingbird sweater is just too cute - and I wonder just how you got it to hold still while you dressed it. LOL Loved your joke too - baaaaaaa'd. Happy New Year!!

  2. An interesting selection I like the motion blur.
    Have a really good year.

  3. Thank you once again for a lovely selection of photos - my favourite - of course the neigh and baa's. I am so pleased to have met you in this strange world of blogging and looking forward to visiting here in 2016. Happy New Year Glo.

  4. A good festive selection of pictures. Thanks for the mention, that sure is a wonderful looking tree.
    Thanks, and Happy New Year. Flighty xx

  5. A grand selection to end the year.
    Very best wishes to you and yours for 2016.

  6. Another great collection, lots of nature too :) I just love the little hummingbird sweater!
    Happy New Year.

  7. Wonderful photos! Love the sea lions, the neighs and baas and all the birds. Beautiful. Had to smile at the lady with the chair - it looks just like the one I'm sitting on typing this comment even down to the colour of the cushion. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year:)

  8. Beautiful photos. Love the trumpeter swans and the neightivity scene and always nice to see snowflakes. Happy New Year.xx

  9. I loved seeing all your your photos. I think Christmas is my favorite as is kitchen. I miss seeing beautiful snowflakes carpet the ground. Happy New Year, Pat

  10. What gorgeous photos - the wildlife, the red gorget, the lights, the cookies (yummm!). I really like the lady with the chair, her sense of purpose and all the mystery she entails.

  11. Hilary's comment is marvellous! How I wish we had your hummingbirds....I wouldn't mind a few seals either, come to think of it, you can throw in the bald eagles too! How amazing it must be to see them!
    The tropical tree certainly is different and Christmas is lovely! good to see my Snowbird star light, thanks for the mention. Glad you had that delightful flurry of snow! All the very best for the New

  12. Love love love Hilary's reply! And we all second her good wishes :-) You've got wonderful shots of the hummer, especially with his new sweater. I really enjoyed seeing the sea lions floating in carefree relaxation.

    Oh, that Christmas dinner sounds delicious. You don't even need a photo ;-)

    And thank you for that most unique cat card! So intricately made.

  13. Lovely photos, I like the wee jacket for the humming bird!

    Happy New Year

  14. You always manage to collect fine representations and throw in some unexpected (though I have come to expect the unexpected with you) touches. As for #8, whether she was taking, giving or otherwise, the shot is still 100% apropos.. as she was giving you a fine photo opportunity.

    Thanks for the shout out. ;)