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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Flakes, Friends and Feathers

Already December is careening along!  The list for the December photo scavenger hunt is as follows:
Where you stood
Down low
A view from here
A favourite thing
Front door
Black & white
Whatever you want
I am hoping that I won't need any of the following photos for my December compilation! Shall I take the risk? ;)

Unbeknownst to me as I was publishing my previous post on November 28 - white things were falling from the sky!  Falling flakes of snow, in fact, and when I looked outside into the night, the world had paled to white.

Fortunately the West Coast does not often find itself in this freezing mode, so although it stayed below zero for a day or two, it is now slightly 2 degrees above zero ;)

Of course I had to check on the Neigh-baas and see how they were faring in their crispy world...

 They had found the only sunlit corner of the field and were sharing wintery whispers.

At the front door, I glimpsed the mountain through the bare trees, saw the new fallen snow, and hoped for a clear crisp day.

Winter jacket, scarf, gloves, I went to 'where the river meets the sea' :)  But first, a stop at a closer estuary...
This gull sneakily changed positions without me noticing...

...arriving at my destination, I am greeted by a sweet Song Sparrow

and a female Brewer's Blackbird

There are sea and shore birds everywhere!  No other person, just me and the birds.... :)

Busy Black Turnstones, in the company of a young Thayer's gull, scurry and splash at the water's edge.

Here's a Turnstone enjoying splashing in the sun and surf ~

and a startled pair of Trumpeter Swans here for the winter season ~

All clear...

One deciding to have a downy rest ~


As I stood there, two flocks of Trumpeter Swans flew overhead and landed...what a spectacle.  These are huge magnificent birds...and although I see them each year, I am still awestruck.

Another flock...juveniles are grey

I have more to share from this location, but that is probably enough for this post...however, must finish off with another view from the front door, as sun set over the mountain...


  1. Great picture of the swans floating head to tail.

    1. Thanks Adrian ~ A different pose, but eye catching to me :)

  2. A most enjoyable with lovely pictures. I like the Song Sparrow and splashing Turnstone. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures for this month's photo scavenger hunt. Flighty xx

    1. Thanks Flighty ~ it sure was a great day for bird spotting, with so much activity. Since then we have had some very blustery winds and high tides, and all the grasses along the side were swamped. The month end will be here before we know it.

  3. Lindas fotos... encantador estar tão próximo destes pássaros,
    Parabéns e até o final de dezembro, boa "caçada".
    Obrigada por sua visita.

  4. Beautiful shots of all the birds - you certainly live in a rich ornithological area. And you have captured my two favourites once again - your Neigh-baa's. They are a delight.

    1. Thanks Elaine ~ There were so many photo opportunities that day, and such a variety of subjects... The NeighBaas are a hit!

  5. How pretty your snowflakes are....and neigh-baas are just the best thing EVER......I have fallen in love with them, I'd be round there all the time with carrots making a nuisance of myself!!! Such sweeties. Oh....the swans are simply amazing, as you say such beautiful and majestic birds!!!
    What a wonderful

    1. Thanks Snowbird ~ Fortunately the snow didn't linger, and there won't be a white Christmas, but yes, the snow adds a lovely sprinkling...but glad it went away ;) The NeighBaas are great aren't they? I'm sure if you were here, you'd soon find a way to befriend them and be more than welcome to bring carrots! The swans are amazing to see and hear!

  6. So fun to be out and about with you again :-) Those pink feet! I can't stop smiling at them. By the way, I CANNOT FIND YOUR ADDRESS! Can you email it to me? Hugs, and thanks for that Christmas market thingy -- so much fun.

    1. Thanks Nikki! I had to go back to see who had pink feet...the seagull! Nice to catch up with you by email, too, and pleased you are enjoying the Christmas Market :)