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Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Photo Scavenger Hunt

Around here June is being referred to as June-uary because of the cool temperatures and bucketfuls  of rain that has poured from the skies...and it hasn't finished yet.  There has been the odd bright day with actual sunshine and blue skies, which raises hopes until the next downpour. 

Here are my choices for the month of June:

1 - Sleep

Although I held a sleeping baby in my arms for a few hours, I never thought to take a photo (which would have been a difficult manouevre since my arms were filled ;))  So here's a little chickadee that appeared to be sound asleep on a branch:

2 - on the edge

This sure-footed deer was walking on the edge of an embankment with the bay down below - taken when I was visiting a nearby island in the middle of June.

3 - before

On the same visit, we made lemon curd turnovers:

4 - after

5 - symmetry

I took this photo at the ferry ramp as I was waiting to board.

6 - out of reach

Public telephone booths aren't often seen any more, but this one is located on a small island.   Ceanothus victoria bushes cover the entrance area and were swarming with bees.  I would say the telephone is out of reach until the bees or flowers are done!

7 - close

Speaking of bees, here's a close up of one enjoying a favorite clover flower.

8 - night

It is very dark at night on the small island ~ here are the lights of the ferry docked for the night as seen through the cabin window, lights also reflected in the water.

Here is the ferry in the light of day:

9 - diamond

A raindrop twinkling like a diamond on one of my roses:

10 - crown

How about a crown of lilies at my front door?

11 - bunting

I actually found some royal-looking bunting hanging across a street in a neighbouring town:

12 - majesty

There is nothing to surpass the majesty of a Bald Eagle flying overhead... especially on one of the few blue sky days :)

I have other photos to share which I will try and do soon. 

We're celebrating Happy Canada Day on July 1 :)


  1. Another fine selection Glo.
    Enjoy Canada Day - hope the weather is kind to you.
    It hasn't exactly been 'Flaming June' here either.

    1. Thanks John. Canada Day started off nice and bright and at 1 p.m. the clouds are moving in, but no rain yet! I'm optimistic - I have my sheets hanging out on the line ;) The weather seems to be weird everywhere!

  2. Much as I really enjoy these scavenger hunt posts they do seem to come round far too quickly!
    This us another interesting selection, and I keep looking at the phone booth wondering if someone is trapped in there!
    It's been the same here, with June being the coldest, dullest and wettest on record.
    Happy Canada Day! Flighty xx

    1. Hi Flighty ~ Yes, the months do go by quickly, don't they? I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, and the phone booth does seem trap-worthy. I have some other shots of it I'll post soon! Perhaps July will hold some sunshiny days :) Thanks for the good wishes for Canada Day!

  3. Great photos as always! Majesty is great and I love your interpretation of crown. Those turnovers look good!

  4. Hi Louise ~ Thanks for coming by to see my photos ~ and glad you enjoyed them. I'll be checking out other photo scavenger hunt choices as well :)

  5. Happy Canada Day! Your photos and interpretation of the prompts were terrific -- as usual! Boy, you are right about that phone booth. But thankfully, most everyone's got their own phone in their pockets. Hope you get some summery weather soon.

  6. Hi Glo! What a gorgeous collection of photos! You never fail to impress me! (Glad I managed to track yours down!) The Out of reach one is so so clever (and funny- imagine trying to get in there!) The eagle was a great find! Which was the island?!

  7. Hope you had a good time on Canada Day! :)
    Once again, your photo's make me happy. I love the phone box, how nice that the flowers compliment it.

  8. Lovely photos Glo, you are always so creative with your scavenger hunt. I love the deer 'on the edge' and the sleepy little chickadee. Like everyone else I liked the phone box too. That wouldn't do my friend who has a severe bee and wasp phobia! I remember once we had a phone call to say she had been to visit us with a birthday present but couldn't get anywhere near our front porch because of the bee filled Lavender in the garden so she had left the present on our car bonnet in the driveway and beat a hasty retreat!! :-)

    Hope you had a lovely Canada Day.

  9. A belated Happy Canada Day to you, dear Glo. I'm slow getting around to my blog visits.. can you tell?

    Love, love, love the chickadee. He looks so incredibly pissed off in the second shot. Too funny. All great shots. It's fun to see your interpretations.

  10. The phone box with the Ceanothus is lovely!

  11. What lovely photos you have taken. The chickadee is so cute.

  12. Here I am at last to thank you all for your lovely comments. I seem to have gone on a blog vacation, and when the Photo scavenger hunt came to an end, I did too...I have lots of photos taken over the summer so perhaps I should get on the ball and start up again!