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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blogged Down!

I know it seems I flew off with the Snowbirds
and disappeared from blogs without a trace.
It’s true, I went once more to see them flying
but now I have returned to cyberspace.


The last two weeks have passed without a posting,
although I’ve read what others had to say.
I’m sorry that I’ve had no time to comment
but life has intervened, as is its way.

Oh, nothing much has caused me aggravation,
just minor little glitches out to play! 
Perhaps you might remember that I mentioned
requests for snacks for children – a buffet.

Well, last year, veggies, fruit and tiny muffins
just seemed to be consumed in no time flat,
as adults seem to pop out of the woodwork
all hungering for tastes of this and that.

So this year, being retired, I decided
to spend some extra time and make much more...

I didn’t get a photo of the peacock
with sprouted tails of fruit kabobs galore.

I had to jab them in at the last minute
before I served the melon to the chicks.
The owl kept their attention in the meantime,
its head of cantaloupe attached with sticks...


So late at night when all this stuff was ready,
the dishwasher was loaded, front to back.
I sighed with much relief that I was finished,
until I checked much later – it was BLACK!


To be continued


  1. So I see you've been playing with your food -- with fantastic results! Love the little race car cucumber :-) I enjoy seeing the range of your creativity and glad that you're back after a hiatus.

  2. That owl is awesome! You've brought back happy but frantic memories of making 'grape snakes' as my sons party guests walked through the door.

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  4. Beautiful as well as tasty looking treats there - even mice without a bucket in sight ;)

  5. Yes, Nikki ~ I was playing with food once again! I wish I'd been able to take a photo of the peacock watermelon with fruit kabob tail feathers. Thanks for your kind comments. It's been a busy time, but hopefully I'll be able to blog more steadily ~ BTW Your roses are outstanding!!

    Hi UHDD ~ Thanks :) Grape snakes ~ that sounds like something boys would love to gobble down :) I looked online for some of the ideas I used and added my own touch. It's fun playing with food ~ especially when I see the faces on the children :)

    Hi John ~ Now why didn't I think of hanging one of those mice out of the owl's beak?? ;) Hmmmm...maybe there's still time. Thanks :)

  6. Hello, I was beginning to wonder where you'd got to!
    This post bought a smile to my face yesterday, and certainly helped to cheer up what was a dull, wet day.
    I love the hearts in the sky!
    The food is so creative and all looks almost too good to eat!
    I hope that the cliffhanger ending has been sorted and that you'll tell us all about it soon! Flighty xx

  7. You are so creative Glo, it all looks wonderful! I particularly liked the 'mice' :)

    Glo, are you aware that your blog can only be reached from a link (such as on Midmarsh John's sidebar). If I try to click on your name, for example when you left me a comment, it says your profile is not publicly available so your blog cannot be accessed that way. I realise you may have done that purposely but thought I would mention it in case you are not aware.

  8. Oh well done Glo, it works perfectly now :)

  9. Hi Flighty ~ thanks for your lovely comment ~ things are pretty well sorted out. I'll try to get another blog posting up shortly :) I wasn't planning on taking any more photos the second time I went to see the Snowbirds, but I missed the heart the first time, so this was a good opportunity. Of course, I did take more photos!

    ShySongbird ~ Thank you so much for the comment re creativity :) I'm still a kid at heart! I also appreciate knowing my link didn't work and now it does :)